In the Mediterranean, we have a luxury and a custom. The luxury of enjoying long warm seasons, and the habit of taking advantage of them.

We live in the streets, we celebrate with the sun, and we let ourselves be swayed by the ocean winds. And this spirit has a tailor-made footwear: the Menorcan avarca.

“Whatever comes from the heart, carries the heat and color of its birthplace.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Castell Avarcas

It’s thanks to the Menorcan countryside and their farmers that we have the Menorcan avarca. It is the seed of this lineage of shoemakers and the pillar on which Castell has grown, becoming a robust company with its own seal. A sturdy family tree from which every Springtime new shoots emerge and new collections are produced from the heart.

Each Castell Avarca is unique, cared for, spoiled and handcrafted.

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A world at your feet

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Daring than ever 04/18/2017 12:38:32

Daring than ever

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From the countryside to the palace 04/18/2017 12:32:05

From the countryside to the palace

Created in the Menorcan countryside, the avarcas have won the hearts and feet of people from all social classes. Although originally they were..

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